Sunday, May 6, 2007

A tisket, a tasket, another beaded basket...

Thanks for all the nice comments on the truck basket! I did some research and found that the basic pattern I used for the ring baskets was created by Brenda Whitehead, published in her book entitled, Peyote 101.

Here's another variation. In this one I increased the size by quite a lot. It's 2-3/4" in diameter and stands about 1-3/4" high. In comparison, the truck basket was only a little over an inch in diameter and stands about an inch high.

This one is chocolate brown and pink - one of my favorite color combinations. I added little peyote flowers along the top.

And I added three at the bottom where all three sides come together.

I think this is my favorite one. I still have plenty more to show. I was a little obsessed with these for a time and made them for several of my friends and family. Stay tuned for more!


Jenn Maruska said...

Oh my gosh - I just went out for coffee and sat down at the computer and the colors in your brown and pink basket match my knit coffee cup cozy exactly.

I love chocolate brown and pink - my coffee cozy has a pink stripe around the top.

I love the little flowers you put in the center of your basket!

Do you use your little basket? If so - what do you keep in it?

(I'm a nosey Parker this morning!)

Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

What a cute little basket and the little motif in the center is adorable.

Thank you for visiting my blog and for sharing the post with your friends that knit.

Christina said...

This one is mainly for display. I don't know what to put in it, plus, I don't want to cover up the cute little flowers on the bottom! I keep it on my bookshelf with a few others. I have another one I made with the same pink and brown, but it has flowers all over it.

I like the idea of a knit coffee cup cozy!

Las Creaciones de Boricua said...

I love you little baskets!!!