Thursday, May 10, 2007

On the verge of learning something new.

I've been wanting to learn how to crochet granny squares for some time. I'm not sure why, maybe because we lost my grandma last year and I'm feeling nostalgic. She made many, many granny square afghans. My mom is very good at knitting and crocheting, so she going to teach me how to make granny squares once she figures them out herself. (Thanks, Mom!) I sent her the tutorial from Purl Bee. I tried to crochet a blanket once. I didn't get very far. I just poked around the house looking for it and couldn't find it. I wonder where it is? Anyway, my mom and I went to a local yarn shop and this is the color palette I chose. Yes, I am being ambitious and making granny squares with four colors.

I thought granny squares would be something small-ish I could work on while N. is busy drawing on the driveway. I always feel the itch to do something while I'm sitting outside watching him play. Hopefully it will be more portable than beading is. This is my typical bag-of-tricks when I'm working on a bead project or taking a class.

I've started working on my next bead project. I have one flower done for my bracelet. I'm going to make two more and then decide what to add to make the length just right.

Did anyone else notice how much pink and brown is in this post?


Jenn Maruska said...

There can never be enough pink and brown! Yummy!

Can't wait to see how your squares come out : )

LeeAnn said...

You are in your pink and brown phase. I had mine a few months ago. Just go with it!

jessi said...

I love pink and brown. Good luck with the crochet! I learned just last fall from my grandma and mom. I think I had tried a few times as a girl but could never get the the tension right, but this time I could finally do it and I'm having so much fun with it now.

Connie said...

I commented last nihgt but I see for reason it did not post. Anyway, Christina, I have finished a granny square and am excited to teach you how to make one. I know your blanket will be beautiful when completed. You and your brothers gave me special Mother's Day yesterday. I love the earrings you made me (they feel so good on my ears !)
Love U,