Thursday, May 3, 2007

My very first time thifting

Before yesterday I had never been to a thrift store. But, I keep reading all these great blogs where everyone is talking about and sharing photos of their great finds. On a whim yesterday I stopped at the Goodwill. I had hoped to find some fabric, as N. is incorporating fabric scraps into his latest artwork, but I did not find one scrap of fabric or any sewing/crafty notions for him. But, I think for my first time I did pretty well!


Jenn Maruska said...

Goodwill is where I go thrifting, too - ours is pretty "hit or miss", but occasionally I find a treasure : )

I like the white cup that you found - looks like it would be pretty to display cut flowers in.

And your orchid is lovely. All of your beading looks so intricate.

jessi said...

Love both of your treasures! That bowl would look great with some strawberries in it. And, welcome to the world of thrifting!

I never thrifted much until I got married and caught on to it because my friends were doing it. I grew up with the idea that thrift stores were full of other people's junk. Now I see things differently - some of it is junk, but there are treasures to be be found.

Christina said...

I always thought of it as other people's junk, too. And there is certainly a lot of junk! ) I was pretty happy with these finds. I am stepping into a whole new arena now! One of my friends who loves going to garage sales talked me into going to a large one that's in my neighborhood. Garage sales have never been my thing, but maybe I'll look at it in a whole new way now.

LeeAnn said...

I pick up white glass vases on my thrift store runs too. I guess you can call it a collection now. I like all the different shapes I have. And then I always have a few extra on hand when I need to give flowers as a gift. I don't feel bad about leaving a $.50-$1 vase behind.

Now I am off to a church rummage sale!