Monday, May 7, 2007

A bit of this and a touch of that.

Wahoo! I finished the Lattice Weave Parure (LWP) last night. Here it is all connected with the pair of earrings.

And I got my tray set up for my next project. I decided to use the flower pattern from the LWP to make a bracelet in pinks and browns.

Ginny from iSew tagged me to list some random facts about myself. I'm supposed to tag 7 more people, but everyone I know in blogland has already been tagged. Anyway, here goes:

1. Malt-O-Meal is my all-time favorite thing to eat for dinner (I don't cook for breakfast). Unfortunately, I'm the only one in my house who feels that way.

2. I seem to have the motto: if one is good, three (or more) is better. It's terrible. Why do you think I have so many ring baskets?

3. One of my favorite childhood memories is of playing hopscotch with my mom while my two brothers were napping.

4. I'm terrified of spiders. I try really hard not to be, but I am.

5. After taking a walk during a camping trip, I had so many ticks on my jeans that it looked like the bottom of my jeans were brown. And that is the source of my other terror: ticks.

6. I like reptiles. I liked catching snakes as a kid. Mark and I used to have an iguana named Xavier.

7. I have a recurring nightmare that I have to make a phone call and no matter how hard I try, I cannot dial the correct number. What does that mean, I wonder?

8. I can sew, but choose not to. Sometimes I think I should sew something, but then I think I'd rather buy something someone else has sewn.

9. I love teaching N. to read. Curling up with him to read and watching his excitement when he gets a word right is the best. The best.

10. Speaking of teaching, I have two younger brothers that I tortured by making them play school in the summer. I didn't let them go outside until they completed the worksheets I made up for them. They were such difficult students that I think that's why I'm not a teacher today. :)

11. I can watch A Christmas Story over and over and over and over...

12. As a kid I had a pen pal who was only two towns away from me. This blog sort of makes me feel like I have pen pals.

13. I did not read the directions for this tagging exercise very well. I was supposed to list 7 random facts. Oops.

N. drew me a flower on the driveway. He's the best.


Jenn Maruska said...

Beautiful beadwork - I can't even imagine the time and focus it took to make those : ) Just gorgeous!

I love your list! I do the same thing when I start a project - I think that if I'm making one of something, I might as well make several - seems that it would be quicker in the long run somehow. I do that all the time.

And I totally agree - something about blogging feels like having pen pals!!! I had a bunch of pen pals when I was a young girl : )

iSew said...

What a great list, wish I'd had time to get to it sooner. I'm terrified of spiders too, but after living alone for so long I improved on my killing abilities. My BF likes to save them, eugh. As if they were endangered, please.

I'm lovin' this penpal thing too.