Thursday, May 24, 2007

In my room.

I always enjoy it when others post about their workspace, so I thought I'd share my room with you. The room is very white because we haven't painted yet. I change my mind all the time about what color it will be when we can paint it. Mark made the bookshelf for me and I painted it. He's very handy.

This picture is for you, Jenn. This is the spice rack I told you I keep some of my beads in.

A crocheted beaded bag with a bee on it. More on these later. I received this one as a shower gift when I was pregnant with N. His room was decorated with bumblebees. Also, a tiny bird picture I cross-stitched. For those who cross stitch, this was done on 28-count linen, stitched with one thread over one thread. Tiny! It's the only one I did with one-over-one because I thought I would go blind doing it. But the bird is very cute. It's the red winged blackbird pattern from Bent Creek. And notice the vintage French beaded flowers.

A print from The Black Apple. Also on this shelf is a bag that my friend Christina knitted for me.

Ah yes, my table. Yes, it's usually this messy. Used to be our old kitchen table. I was going to give it away when Mark had the great idea to keep it for bead work. He's so smart.

Here's a closer look at the projects on the table. My problem is that I start a project and then get excited about the thought of a new project and move on to that. The flower scissors case has been on my table for a long time. I need to start a new thread for the bead embroidery and for some reason that seems really hard. I really don't like ending and starting threads.

Thanks for visiting my room. Maybe next time I'll show you where most of the bead work really happens. Toodles!


jessi said...

Looks like fun - and I am interested to see where most of the bead work really happens!

Funny - I did pretty much the same post as you today.

iSew said...

I like seeing people's work spaces too. Some day mine will be more complete and I'll do a post about it.

I love your bead-keeping spice rack. Good idea.

Steph said...

I have exactly the same problem. Too excited about the next project to clean up from the first one. What a mess I have.