Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I had a Barnes & Noble gift card burning a whole in my pocket, so I pre-ordered a book I've been waiting for patiently.

I can't wait for it to arrive!

I also ordered this one, which I thought sounded like a fun read and has a pretty cover. I've read many good books by choosing them from the cover!

With all of N's homework lately, I've been doing easier, more light-hearted reading. This book was a fun read and the glossary was a hoot.

I recently picked this one up on a whim, but haven't started reading it.

N has been doing more reading on his own lately. The other day I walked into the family room to find him sitting there reading a book. I was so excited! I tiptoed out of the room and dreamt of spending a rainy afternoon together reading our books.

What are you reading?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dear Mom...

Thank you for my new stocking, also known as my favorite birthday gift. You were right; my previous stocking with the Mary Engelbreit design didn't suit me any more. I know I strongly hinted that I needed a new stocking...maybe to the point of being annoying...but I really didn't expect you make me one. I love this new one so much.

I appreciate all the hours you spent backstitching when I know that is your least favorite part of making stockings.

I can't believe you even found a stocking that had beads in the design. And I like having a stocking with "Tina" as it somehow feels even more personal.

I can't believe how cute all the details are, especially the boy's boots.

Even though it's only October, the stocking is proudly on display. I'd like to leave it up all year!

Thanks, Mom. I'll treasure it always. You made this birthday truly special.

Love you,

(You can see others she's made for family members here, here, and here.)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Drawn to the sparkle.

I bought these rhinestone buttons at a flea market over the summer and have been contemplating what to make with them ever since.

Maybe a bracelet? Maybe some grouped together in a pendant?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Birthday goodies.

Mark and N were very good to me on my birthday. They took me to dinner and showered me with birthday songs (more N than Mark in this case!), cake, and beautiful gifts.

N gave me this necklace from Mood Swing Studios. My favorite number is 5 and my birthday is on the 5th, so it was perfect.

Mark gave me this necklace made by Simone Walsh.

It was a great birthday with my boys.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Today is my birthday and I'm celebrating a big one! We went to dinner with Mark's parents over the weekend and I thought I'd show the gifts they gave me that came from Etsy shops.

This bangle came from Bijougirl. It's very pretty and delicate.

And this poppy painting is from Janine Medlin Art.

She etched the poppies into thickened oil paint and added subtle color to the blossom and leaves. I also like that the painting is done on a re-claimed walnut board and has such a distressed look to it.

Beautiful and unique.