Saturday, December 15, 2007

And the stockings were hung...

My mom has made nearly all of our immediate family members Christmas stockings. She usually makes one or two each year. Some are in needlepoint, some in crewel, and some in counted cross stitch. I know some of her friends have asked her to make them one, but she can't even keep up with her expanding family!

Here are our stockings. Mark's is made in counted cross stitch.

Mine is done in needlepoint.

N's is also done in needlepoint.

This one she made for me when I was younger. It's counted cross stitch and embroidery.

We are so lucky to have these keepsakes. Each one has either "Love Mom" or "Love Mimah" (for the grand kids) along with the year she made it. I will try to get pictures of the ones she's made for my brothers' families and my aunt's family.

It's snowing pretty hard here right now, but I think we are only supposed to have three inches when all is said and done.

It's a good day to stay indoors and wrap presents...

...while enjoying a Pixie alongside a cup of hot chocolate in my latest favorite cup, given to me by my friend Jenn.


Christina said...

That is so cool that your mom does that!

Also, I must say, I love seeing my name on the stockings (I'm a "Christina," too.) Our name is not very common, so it's always a treat to see it! (Or am I just a weirdo who likes her name too much?)

iSew said...

I love the stockings. We don't actually have any! I hope I can get all of my "work" sewing finished in time to surprise Nick with some handmade stocking for Christmas this year.

p.s. Please send me some snow! It's pretty cold, but it would never snow here.

Joni said...

Christina those stocking are gorgeous and what a treasure!! I loved seeing them.

I hope N enjoyed his birthday he was a beautiful baby.