Saturday, December 22, 2007

Gingerbread houses and snowflakes and a train.

Look at this gingerbread house N. made in his 1st grade class! I love the little pathway. He was very proud that he was the only one to think to put in a sidewalk made of Smarties. If you look behind the snowman on the right you will see a few marshmallows lying down - that's actually a "melted down snowman." He puts a lot of thought into his projects. Actually, I was surprised there was any frosting on the gingerbread house, considering the amount that was on his shirt when he came home from school.

After about thirty pictures of this ornament, I finally have one I share. And even this photo's not great. It was a tough one. Anyway, my mom, aunt, and I got together one year to make beaded ornaments and decided to make this one, which was published in an issue of Bead & Button. Sadly, their site seems be having some trouble and I'm too lazy to go look for the exact issue it was in. It's made with Swarovski crystal, seed beads, and bugle beads.

This is a snowflake ornament my cousin Amy made. I believe the pattern for this was in either Bead & Button or Beadwork.

And, for our final ornament of the day, we have a train my mom made for N. last year. It's a Mill Hill kit.

We're going to go brave Target now. It's scary to go there the weekend before Christmas.

Wish us luck.


Janalill said...


I love the gingerbread house!!! It looks like a lot of fun was involved in making it. Also, the ornaments are gorgeous! I love working with Mill Hill beads, although they are a bit hard to find over here. We are still waiting for our snow.

Yazmin said...

I see the artist muse runs in the family. :) I have a case for jelly drops. *sigh*