Saturday, December 8, 2007

Painted ornaments.

These ornaments are a fun a simple project that I did a few years ago. I bought some clear glass ball ornaments, poured in some acrylic paint, swirled it around, turned them upside down to dry for several days, and... voila! Pretty ornaments!

Today is N.'s birthday party day. This year he said to me, "Mommy, I really like having family birthday parties, but this year could I please have one with kids?" My boy is growing up! Today is a kid party day at a place with lots of room to run around and jump on things. He should be good and tired by tonight!

As far as my recovery goes, I'm doing pretty well. I've had some more problems with the infection, but it's being treated and I'm feeling better each day.

Have a nice weekend.


LeeAnn said...

Those ornaments are very pretty. Sounds easy to make too! I remember when I specifically asked for a b-day party with kids. So much fun!

Christina said...

Wow! Those ornaments look more complicated than a little acrylic swirling. They're very pretty! I'll have to try this--next year, though. I'm already over the whole "decorating for Christmas" thing.

iSew said...

Very pretty. I think Nick would enjoy a project like that.

Joni said...

Those are so cool! Now if we could figure out a craft to do with the old ones who are losing their paint!

jen said...

hey, those ornaments are so pretty - how clever!

that's funny you mentioned you're an INFJ on my blog. ever since i posted that, i must have put some call out into the universe or something b/c i swear, i keep running into them including some random woman at this indian restaurant i went to the other night. i just happen to hear her say to her friends that she was an INFJ - how random!

mdmB said...

These are lovely!