Sunday, August 31, 2008


Last year I shared with you the stockings my mom has made for nearly everyone in our immediate family. Here's the latest one she's made for my nephew, which he just received as a birthday gift.

This little bunny is my favorite part of the piece!

I love it. We are so lucky that she has made us these heirlooms.

We're having a pretty quiet weekend. Today Mark and N might go to Chicago for the day. I'm almost fully recovered from the surgery. I just have one area that is still sore and cramps up when I do too much. By the end of the day I am pretty tired, but thankful that this recovery was so much easier than the last one.


iSew said...

Wow Christina, that's a beautiful stocking. You've got such a great mom. I love all the animals too, the raccoon is super cute!
I'm so glad you're recovering well this time. What a trooper you've been.

Sarah and Jack said...

wow! That is a lot of work.