Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Check out the bruise I have on my arm. It was totally black the first day I was home. This actually looks good. I felt like a pincushion in the hospital.

N and I ventured out at lunch time to see if I could drive or not. I have one area that's still pretty painful; luckily we weren't going very far. I was hoping it would be easier than it was. I was exhausted when we got home. It's funny how little things that you do every day can be so tiring when you're not at your best.

N is spending the next few days at my mom's. I'll miss his company. Plus, he's been a really big help since I can't move around easily yet.

Tomorrow I see the surgeon for a post-op checkup.


Jonara Blu Maui said...

Oh owwie! I get those when I get IV's too. In fact I got one last time I had blood taken!

I bet you are starting to go stir crazy. I'm sure you will miss N..but it will be good for you to get some really good rest while he's at your moms. Hope you check up goes well!

LeeAnn said...

That's quite a boo-boo you got there. Are you feeling well enough to work on your beads? I just found the perfect oxidized silver chain thrifting and I want to add smoky quartz and amethyst intermittently. I want to wear it with my gray suit and plum shirt this fall.

iSew said...

I'm glad you're getting around a little bit. It is amazing what we take for granted, eh?

Jenn Maruska said...

Ouchie - hope that heals up quickly!