Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Meet Billy and Billy.

You may recall that a long, long time ago I bought a book for making animals out of gloves and N and I set to work on making a dog. And then I didn't really mention it again because I hadn't done any more work on it. At one point, N got impatient and decided to make his own turkeys out of gloves.

Even that amount of guilt didn't make me pull it out to work on it.

Thank goodness for grandmas. When my mom was here helping me out, N decided he wanted to do some sewing and we suggested that she might want to finish the dog that I started while he made one of his own. Thank goodness she agreed; the poor dog had been without limbs or a head for far too long.

N even fashioned a pair of felt pants for his dog. He's named them both Billy.

He has plans for making other animals in the book. I think I'll just help him make his own next time. He's much faster than I am anyway!

In other news, I saw the surgeon today for the post-op appointment and he said everything looks beautiful. That was music to my ears! I have to go back in one year for a final checkup.

Woo hoo!


Jenn Maruska said...

Whoo hoo indeed!!!

Love Billy and Billy - they are super cute!

Jonara Blu Maui said...

billy and billy...I love it! Excellent work N! I bet those dogs are so happy to be complete now. Only the other billy might be a little jealous about the other billy's pants and want some for his own.

Glad your check up was good news Christina!

Zen Ventures said...

I really think you should help N next time! :) That is just cute. N is quite talented too.

Amie King--Saving the world One necklace at a time. said...

I love both Billy's!