Friday, March 14, 2008

Sock and Glove animals.

I recently bought this charming book filled with ideas and patterns for making animals out of socks and gloves. One night this week N. and I decided to have craft night and work on one of the animals. We chose to make the dog that's on the cover. I like that I can sew the animals by hand and do not need a sewing machine. N. did a good job stuffing the body of the dog.

We only made it to step #3 during our craft night. Hopefully this weekend we can get a bit further along.

N. is making plans for us to work on these in the future.

Craft night was a lot of fun. We are considering setting aside one night during the week for craft night until the weather gets warmer. This week seemed to be about themes, as we also had a movie night (we watched Night at the Museum) and a reading night, where we read a lot of information about dinosaurs.

Speaking of dinosaurs, last night was Dinosaur Night at N.'s school. His class had a dinosaur museum, where they showed off their dioramas, fossils they made, books they wrote, and various other things. After the museum, the parents were treated to dinosaur songs followed by an ice cream social. It was a lot of fun. N. is a little sad that the dinosaur unit is over. Thanks for your very nice comments about his diorama; he was happy to hear that everyone liked the pictures of his happy dinosaurs!

This weekend I am meeting up with my friend Rachel for a day of lunch and shopping. And I need to work on N.'s glove dog. Maybe I'll feel like beading, too. Lately I've been in a bit of a beading funk.


Aaron said...

Those are so cute - can't wait to see pictures of your finished product! Craft night is a great idea, too.

jessi said...

that little guy is so great - I'd love to see him when N is finished. And craft night? I say it's the perfect thing to make it through these last days of winter.

iSew said...

I always want to get that book when I see it. That dog is just so cute. I can't wait to see your finished sock pet. It's looking good already.

iSew said...

p.s. Nice needle book!

Yazmin said...

I can't wait to see the dog finished and the future project's N picked out. If I wasn't trying to declutter, I might actually buy the book if I need an excuse to add more stuff to our collection. lol

Anonymous said...

Great project.. is there anyway to post the directions or tell me where I can retrieve them on the panda sock.. i want to make a panda sock for my niece but cant find any directions..
Thanks so much! :)