Monday, March 10, 2008

Dinosaur diorama.

N.'s first grade class is studying dinosaurs and they all have to make a dinosaur diorama. That was our Sunday afternoon project. We worked very hard at letting N. dictate what he wanted the diorama to be and to not step in and "fix" any of his work.

Mark laid down some clay land while N. worked on making a river.

After he made these dinosaurs, N. worried that they were from two different periods. I love that he thought to use toothpicks for the spikes on the dinosaur.

You probably cannot tell from the pictures, but these are very nice dinosaurs. They are both smiling. No need to be afraid.

N. finished it off by making some fossils and rocks for the landscape. He was so proud of his work. When we brought it to school this morning he wouldn't even let me carry it.


Jenn Maruska said...

I really like seeing N's projects - he's a smart guy making those spikes out of toothpicks!

Nice work!

Aaron said...

Cool dinosaurs! I especially like the river and the extra fossils and rocks. Looks like a good place for dinosaurs to live. Good work!

a2susan said...

I remember making shadow boxes for school projects! And smiling dinosaurs are just great! He should be very proud of his work.