Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lots of work, but nothing to show for it.

Yesterday I decided to set my other project aside for the moment. I think the reason I'm not motivated to finish it is because I suspect some of the beads are going to break when it's time to attach the petals to the center of the flower. Beads broke when I used nymo thread, and some broke with 6 lb. crystal Fireline. If I use 4 lb., I think the petals will be too flimsy to stand up. I did notice something interesting today, though, when I was looking at the project. It seems to me my spool of 6 lb. crystal Fireline is actually thicker than my spool of the 6 lb. grey (smoke?) Fireline. Hmm.

But, it was just not my day. After changing the color palette on my new project and finally deciding upon and ordering some more beads, I got to work.

The first time I bezeled the rivoli, I didn't have the right charlottes for the last row and the beads stood up. Not a good look for bezeling.

The second time, I again used 42 beads for this 16 mm rivoli, with the right charlottes (the tiny gold ones toward the center) and it was too loose. You can't tell from the front...

...but if you look closely at the back you can see the beads are not hugging the rivoli as closely as they should be. The bezeling should be tight.

So then I tried it with 40 beads and that was way too small. I have never had so much trouble bezeling a rivoli!

My hand is sore, my arm is sore, and my shoulder is sore from pulling so tightly on the Fireline!

Maybe I'll have better luck today. I'm going to try 42 beads again with more tension.


Aaron said...

Sounds like a good day for bead shopping, not bead working! How frustrating! Hope you have better luck tomorrow.


mdmB said...

Chin up! Sometimes beading needs a break. And why not to shop as aaron said :) Yeah - beadshoping is good to your soul!