Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I had a Barnes & Noble gift card burning a whole in my pocket, so I pre-ordered a book I've been waiting for patiently.

I can't wait for it to arrive!

I also ordered this one, which I thought sounded like a fun read and has a pretty cover. I've read many good books by choosing them from the cover!

With all of N's homework lately, I've been doing easier, more light-hearted reading. This book was a fun read and the glossary was a hoot.

I recently picked this one up on a whim, but haven't started reading it.

N has been doing more reading on his own lately. The other day I walked into the family room to find him sitting there reading a book. I was so excited! I tiptoed out of the room and dreamt of spending a rainy afternoon together reading our books.

What are you reading?


Andrea said...

Those all look like great book recommendations - I added them to my goodreads "to read" bookshelf! It's wonderful that N. has a love of books. It will serve him well in life.

I'm currently reading "The Elegance of the Hedgehog" by Muriel Barbery and a parenting book called "Between Parent and Child" by Haim Ginott. Oh, and there's always "Anna Karenina" - will I ever finish that book?! It's been nearly a year :(

AJ said...

You choose the prettiest books to read :)

I'm currently reading Stephen Hunt's "The Court of the Air" but I'm really not liking it at all so I might put it down and move on. Already read a book I hated last month ("The Strain"), so I'm not really in the mood to forge through another one so soon.

iSew said...

I saw "The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate" somewhere and was also intrigued. I've been waiting for the 4th Twilight book to come out in paperback. I just finished the new Dan Brown and am currently reading one of his older books. I've been a little uninspired lately, I need something new and exciting.

That's great about N!! Good boy.

5orangepotatoes said...

Loving the book recommendations! They sound magical.

Agave nectar would be a great substitute for honey in making elderberry syrup. Go for it.


Betty BeadBug said...

I want to get Enchanted Adornments too! I have read excerpts in different magazines but am pining for the real deal. Have you gotten yours yet? Is it as good as I think it will be? :-)