Tuesday, May 29, 2007


After much deliberation, I've decided to work on this kit next. Isn't the box and ribbon pretty? This is a passion flower vessel kit from Laura McCabe.

Over the weekend I only went so far as to pull out the contents of the kit and look at them. No actual beading took place.

We did, however, plant a lot of shrubs. And we spent a lot of time (and $) at the local nursery. We also cooked out, met some of our very nice neighbors, watched N. search for bugs with his new-found friends, and finished up a few projects. All in all, a very lovely weekend.

And now, on to the workweek!


Romi said...

IMHO, fondling the beads is an integral part of beading! So you see? You actually *did* begin. ;)

freebird said...

Who can start beading immediately? I'd want to look and touch and dream for at least a week first, then slooowly work on the piece. When it's done I have to look at it for several days before I give it away (almost everything I make is given as a gift). Now that I have a camera I can start taking pictures to remember my loved ones with. Enjoy!