Tuesday, May 22, 2007


This bracelet is from a class I took last summer with Janna Bedinghaus. It's made with vintage Swarovski rivolis (the large, round bezeled pieces), freshwater pearls, Swaroviski drops and bicones, delicas, seed beads, and charlottes. Charlottes are seed beads that have a cut one one side so that they appear faceted and give off a little bit of sparkle.

In other news, I had an allergic reaction to the Amoxicillin I was taking for strep throat. Last week I started having a lot of itching on the soles of my feet and my palms. By Sunday it had progressed to feeling generally unwell and vaguely itchy everywhere. Yesterday morning I woke up feeling swollen and much more itchy all over. As I went to take my last Amoxicillin pill it dawned on me that that could be the problem. The doctor recommended Benadryl, so now all I want to do is sleep!

Last night I did work on my pink and brown flower bracelet a little bit. I've discovered I'm going to need four flowers rather than three.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!


iSew said...

That's a really pretty bracelet. Wow.

I had an allergic reaction to amoxicillan once, I got spots all over like the measles. I was probably itchy too, but I can't remember. hah

Hey, that monkey bag is sooo cute. I love syko's shop.

Jenn Maruska said...

I hope you feel better soon! So sorry to hear you aren't feeling well : (

I have one of Syko's pouches - mine is the piggy one : )

Is this a new look for the blog? Wow - you are really changing things up lately!

: )

a2susan said...

Christina - I hope you're feeling better. I didn't take the bracelet that you mentioned, but a friend of mine, Donna, did. You were probably in the class together. I'm taking a class at NanC's in a few weeks by Melanie Doerman. I've never been to her studio before and am very excited. I was stimulated to make rivoli's by Laura McCabe, although I never actually took her bracelet class, where she first used them. A friend and I just worked on them and decided to do the backs, and that's all we did for months. We had a great fun time with them. For her d-i-l's baby shower, my friend beaded 46 pink rivolis!!! And she still likes them! Susan