Monday, October 1, 2007

Birthday earrings and a gift for one lucky reader.

I played around with the lucite flowers a little bit on Saturday to make myself a pair of earrings for my upcoming birthday. This is what I came up with.

You can't quite see them, but there are 3mm crystals dangling off the top of the flower. These are made with the white lucite flowers, bronze freshwater pearls, tiny greyish pearls, green 4mm crystals (I think they might be vitrail), and olive satin 3mm pearls. All of the silver is sterling. And they don't look bluish, as they do in the photo.

They were so fun to make that I made two pairs! In honor of my birthday this Friday, I'm going to share a pair with one of you. Leave me a comment about one of your best birthday memories and I'll enter your name into a drawing. I'll let N. pick the lucky winner on my birthday. So, that gives you until Friday at 5 p.m. to enter.

I'm looking forward to hearing about your birthday memories!


Jenn Maruska said...

Those are so pretty, Christina!

When I was very young (elementary school age), my mom threw a birthday party for me, and all my friends were invited. She had bought a plastic toy bowling set and arranged it on the front sidewalk and we all took turns "bowling". Mom took lots of pictures that day - but my absolute favorite is an action shot of me bowling, while wearing a long dress. I think my tongue was even poking out because I was trying so hard... apparently I really wanted to nail those pins!

I think it's the long dress that makes me laugh the most... ah, the 70's!

Thanks so much for reminding me of my favorite birthday memory : )

What's yours?

jessi said...

I loved my twelfth birthday party - a sleepover with 10 girls and all the best sleepover memories.

Happy Happy Birthday to you! The earrings are lovely!

Felicia said...

Happiest of Birthdays to you!

michelle said...

Those earrings are beautiful--I love those lucite beads! (You don't need to include me in the drawing--I don't have pierced ears. Can you believe it?) Hmmm. . .I think one of my favorite birthday memories was when I was in elementary school and had a joint birthday part with my best friend, who also had a birthday on the same day!

Aaron said...

My favorite birthday was my 22nd - my husband took me to San Francisco and proposed! Very romantic :)

Love the earrings! Pick me, pick me!!


Rebecca said...

Happy birthday!! Let's see . . . I am sure there are loads of younger b-day memories but I seem to not be able to remember them (other then the fact that my cousin and I got a joint party because our brithdays were only a few days apart. Hmpfh.) But my 30th birthday was memorable because I had broken up with my boyfriend a few months before and I was pretty sad about it but we were still sort of friends so I invited him to the party which was at a club. It was a great birthday and at the end of the night he told me he missed me and made a HUGE mistake ending things and would I please please take him back. Well I did and now 4 years later we're happily married. :)

The earrings are gorgeous! Sorry I haven't been visiting in awhile, things got a bit nutty over here LOL


AJ said...

Happy birthday! Please don't enter me in the drawing, though... I can't wear earrings, and I'd much rather see them go to someone who can enjoy them :)

When I turned 21, I was kind of bummed out because I didn't have a lot of friends locally and nothing special was happening for my birthday. I mentioned this in passing on the bead forum I was part of, so my friends all got together behind my back and "showered" me, which was our slang for sending someone lots of beads on a set date, so they'd all arrive around the same time. Some of the packages just had one or two little things, some had a lot of beads, some even had lampwork made just for me. It was very touching and totally made my birthday!

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh, they are lovely.