Monday, October 29, 2007

Busy, busy.

Our weekend started out sweetly, with some peanut butter blossom cookies. N. calls them witches' hats. They are so good when the chocolate is still melty. Yum.

I haven't really been working on any projects, so I decided to pull out my Tornado Beads kit by Lisa Niven Kelly. My thumbs really hurt after coiling several feet of wire down to this small tube.

The coil was then cut into beads.

Making the tornado beads was a lot of fun. Very free form. Each one is different from the next. Of course, since it's a kit, I cannot tell you how I made them. But, you can find the kits on the Beaducation site.

I strung it only to find it was too big, so I had restring it.

My thumbs were really, really sore by this time! I seriously considered taking the easy way out and using the clasp enclosed with the kit, but then decided to forge ahead and make the tornado toggle clasp.

Photos of the finished piece coming soon...


Jenn Maruska said...

Wow, that looks like alot of work! I bet your thumbs did hurt!

I can't wait to see the finished piece. I've seen so many new things on your blog.

Felicia said...

Oh my goodness! Those cookies look fabulous!

Aaron said...

Mmmm, now I want a cookie. . .