Tuesday, October 2, 2007


When my friend Andrea lived in Palo Alto, during one of my visits we had a private bead class with Shiho Yamashita (who, I've just discovered, has an Etsy shop (!) though she doesn't have any items currently listed). Shiho makes the most beautiful things. Andrea and I both made earrings - well, I made one earring and have yet to make the other. I couldn't find the one I'd made, either. Someone really needs to clean out my beading space and do some organizing in there.

I also made this necklace, but sadly, it broke! Grrr! As I was driving along, I suddenly felt beads spilling down into the front of my shirt. Strange sensation.

I've driven around with it in my car for quite a very long time. I really should fix it. The problem is that the pendant is not separate from the chain, common in Japanese style beading, so the entire thing has to come apart and be redone.

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Joni said...

Well whoever you find to do the cleaning and organizing of your craft room send her over here so she can help me out too! Lovely items Christina!

mdmB said...

That necklace looks pretty! Are those sequins?

Christina said...

Yes, they are sequins!

AJ said...

Aw man! I hate it when that happens to me! The worst was when I was out to lunch with my DH (then BF) and his cousin, and my necklace broke right in the middle of the restaurant and beads spilled down into my shirt. So embarrassing!

Jenn Maruska said...

I too, know that "beads down the shirt" feeling!

That necklace looks so intricate - wow!