Monday, October 8, 2007

Think pink.

We all know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Knowing so many women affected by this disease makes this cause an important one to me. I have a friend who battled it in her 20s, my friend Wendy who fought it more recently, and my friend Sharon is currently fighting the fight. And I have friends whose mothers or other family members are fighting it. Chances are, you know someone, too.

So I'm happy to see so many blogs and promotions out there to raise awareness and funds. Maybe you could win something in the process. Check out the contests to win a pink digital camera or a pink iPod.

Also, visit Aimee's Blog for giveaways all month long. If you'd like to do more, join her fund raising team, Aimee’s Pink Flamingos (just a $5 donation is all it takes and it's easy to do online) and help fund breast cancer research.

I was thrilled to open my e-mail this morning and find that I'd won the first prize giveaway on Aimee's Blog! The earrings are made by Jenny of Natural Historie. She has some wonderful jewelry you can check out on Mintd.

And, if you were following my marathon posts yesterday, Mark is doing well. He is walking a little stiffly and his feet still hurt, but he has the day off to relax and recover.

Enjoy your Monday!


AJ said...

I'm glad to hear that Mark is OK, I kept seeing headlines about the marathon yesterday and wondering about him!

Felicia said...

Glad Mark is better. Congratulations on your win!