Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I spent way more at Beadniks than I did at Renegade. The bad thing about being obsessed with beads is that when I get home I have a tiny little big that doesn't seem to be filled with much, yet cost a small fortune!

So, let's see...what do we have here...some lucite flowers, a strand of small silver beads that I love (you can't see the detail that great in the photo, but they remind me of little flowers or pods), and a few Green Girl Studios beads.

Usually, I buy GGS beads at bead shows, which is hard because their booth is always mobbed (understandable because they have great stuff). It was nice to sift through some things without getting shoved out of the way by other shoppers.

N. and I just got back from having dinner with Mark and shopping at an enormous mall. I bought a pair of Dansko shoes online, which are great, but a little too big. I can fit my finger into the back of the shoe. I wanted to try the next size down on in a store, but the next size down didn't fit. Bummer. But, N. was happy, because on a whim I let him get a stuffed animal at Build-A-Bear Workshop. He chose a turtle that he dressed in a Cubs uniform. The turtle's name? Turtee.


Christina said...

I love those lucite beads! Can't wait to see what you make with them!

mdmB said...

When I look at my silverbeads that are sold by string it's hard to take some away... Because they look so effective like this! Those lucide beads look like they're real flowers *drool*

Jenn Maruska said...

They're all very pretty!

AJ said...

Great finds!

That is how I knew that the Sept Best Bead Show here was slow, I was able to leisurely browse the Green Girl booth!

Yazmin said...

Much better name than the one I have for my stuffed turtle...Killer.

In his defense, he was my protector when I was on my own and living in the Army barracks. A gal's got to have some sort of security blanket, you know?