Sunday, September 9, 2007

The weekend.

Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments about my headache. It finally seems to have gone away, thank goodness!

It's been a nice weekend. Yesterday I met my friend Rachel in Waukesha, WI for the art fest in Cutler Park. It's a small show, but the weather was beautiful and it was fun to hang out with Rachel for the day.

I bought a few things from the art show (mostly Christmas gifts) and got this great steel flower sculpture to put in a bare area in front of our house. I bought a different sculpture from this person last year and I didn't want it to rust, so it's inside my house. This one will get all rusty, which will probably help it to stand out from the grey house and greyish cedar mulch.

After the art fair, we walked around town and ate lunch. I found this wonderful original oil painting at Almont Gallery. Artist Angel Burton is local to Waukesha. I really love how delicate her work is.

I also have a print of her Faery Tapestry painting. It's the poppy painting on this page. The tree painting above was originally in a gold frame and I asked if it could be swapped with a silver frame on another painting. The gallery called Angel and she was nice enough to come to the gallery to swap it out for me! When she saw from my check that I am from Illinois, she told me this tree is actually located in Illinois. She grew up near Bloomington-Normal and the tree is in that area.

We also went to an antique shop where I found these lovelies. I had the small plate in the photo (I found it at Goodwill while thrifting some time ago) and I was delighted to find these pieces. I wanted a sugar bowl with a lid. I couldn't pass up the dish with the lid. Fun finds.

The weather today has been in the 70s and sunny - perfect! N. and I went to the park this afternoon. While we were there I looked down and saw a big black spider on my leg (EEEK!!!) that had been on my pants long enough to start spinning a web on one leg. N. thought all my hopping around was pretty hilarious. I beg to differ.

I hope the weather where you are has been wonderful, too.


AJ said...

You have such great taste in art! I love the floral lawn sculpture, and the tree painting is beautiful :) Glad to hear you had a great weekend!

Rebecca said...

I love that pattern on the dishes you bought, I've seen a few pieces in my thrifty wanderings. I always admire it! :^)