Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Yesterday we painted our family room. I'm always amazed at the names for paint colors. I'd like to be the person who creates the names. This one is called Raffia Twine.

We painted our powder room on Saturday. I wanted a periwinkle color, but this is decidedly more purple (yet not quite as purple as in this photo). The name? Approaching Night.

N.'s room was originally what we chose for the family room. I was thinking of doing a grey in there, but all the greys I picked looked either blue or lavender. Not what I was going for at all. The name of this one is Pewter Tray.

I painted this table some time ago (Oh jeez, I just noticed the dust on the chair; please pretend you don't see that.) to go with the construction theme in N.'s room in our old house. That stencil took hours to paint in his room, even with my friend Andrea helping. This stencil had four layers. Four. That means four times around the room with this stencil. Four times.

There will be no stenciling in his current room. Instead, I bought a train wall decal which I have yet to find. I put it somewhere safe. Good thing, too. It's still pretty darn safe wherever it is.

I think our next room to paint will be the kitchen, which is connected to the family room. It will also be Raffia Twine.

With all this painting, there's been no time for beading. And today N. started first grade. That was harder on me than kindergarten. I felt like crying when I dropped him off. He looked so little and lost. And so sweet with his little backpack and new red Crocs.

He had a half day, so I picked him up after school I took him out to lunch. During lunch he told me, "First grade is the best grade ever. Way better than kindergarten." (Note to self: stop worrying!)

Afterwards we went to a bead shop. I'll show you what I bought in my next post.


jessi said...

All great colors - I'm especially in love with the pewter in N's room!

Melissa said...

OH, all these little ones going off to school. I would feel the same way, looking at them as if they were SO tiny. It sounds like he really enjoyed himself though, so we mommies have to be tough. ;)
I love the paint colors. The names are always interesting. I was thinking of a gray myself since I'm torn on what to paint a room in my house, so it's nice to see it here so I can picture it. It's very nice.
I also love the little table. I'm a sucker for little tables and only own one on each floor of my house (3! (finished basement). Good idea to go without stenciling this time around, even though I'm sure it was really cute.

Felicia said...

The whole thing looks fantastic.

Christina said...

Wow! You got a lot of painting done! Whenever my husband and I have to paint, we seem to drag it out...over months. ;-)

I love your wall art, btw!