Friday, September 28, 2007

More paint.

Ta da. The painted kitchen. Mark put in the flooring when we first moved into the house. He is a very handy guy.

Yesterday Mark painted the upstairs hallway and stairwell in the same taupe color as our living room/dining room. He's also painted our guestroom the same color as the kitchen and family room because we had a gallon of that paint color left over. The laundry room is also that color - Mark overestimated a little bit on how much of that color he'd need for the family room and kitchen. N. said he is tired of seeing the yellow color. I said he'd need to close his eyes while he's in the house then. :) He pointed out that he could also go to his room because that room is grey and not yellow. Good idea, Mr. Smartypants!

This weekend we're (read: Mark) going to paint the office in a shade of red. N. is happy that the office won't be yellow. I think a trip to Chicago might also be order.



Jenn Maruska said...

Wow - you sure do have a handy man in your house!!!

And what a spacious kitchen - have you filled all those cabinets with kitchen goodies?

Hope you have a terrific weekend!

: ) Jenn

Christina said...

I do. He's very handy. :)

The kitchen cabinets have been filling up slowly, though not necessarily all with kitchen supplies. One has bead projects I work on downstairs and another has N.'s art supplies. Otherwise, my beads and N.'s art stuff would constantly take over the kitchen table! I don't think one cabinet has something on the top shelf.