Thursday, September 13, 2007

Poppies and Faeries and Polymer Clay.

I love poppies. Last summer, after purchasing the Faery Tapestry print from Angel Burton, I really wanted a poppy necklace that invoked the same sort of feeling. I turned to Karen Lorraine, one of my favorite polymer clay artists. I have several of her works, both wall art and jewelry. I told her about the print and said I wanted a poppy pendant that felt ethereal or like it had come from the land of faery.

This is what she came up with.

It was spot-on for what I was thinking. I liked the stamped butterflies on the back, too!

Karen sketches directly on polymer clay. I also have this pendant by her, entitled "Faery Page." When I wear it, I usually get stopped by people I don't know to ask me about it and often I'm asked if it's a picture of someone I know. I don't personally know any faeries! I like how this has a sketchbook quality about it.

"Faery Fern" was a gift for my mom.

And "Sea Breeze" went to my friend Andrea.

"Fleur" is a wallhanging. I purchased it after reading "Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglwood," a book about a girl who had flowers for hair.

I had it framed and it's hanging in my house. I love how unusual it is. And the flowers stamped into the polymer clay add another interesting dimension.

This piece is done in pastels on paper, I believe. I also had it framed.

In other news, I took a big tumble yesterday right outside N.'s classroom. Both of my knees have - for lack of a better term - concrete burn. Similar to a rug burn, only obtained by skinning your knees through your jeans on concrete. My knees hurt so much today! I had to put a huge bandage on each knee so my pants wouldn't rub on it. I'm not sure what happened; one minute I was upright, the next I had concrete burn on my knees. Ouch.


Jenn Maruska said...

Christina - don't hurt your knees! Ouchie! First the headache, now this... you poor thing. I prescribe a tall mug of hot cocoa... while sitting down.

I love your faery post! I esp. like Sea Breeze and the pastel piece where she's hiding behind the tree.

They are all so pretty - thanks for sharing!

Now take it easy on those knees - no high heels for at least a week : )

AJ said...

I love Karen Lorraine's work, hope to own one of her pendants someday. And the wallhanging... WOW! Beautiful :)

I hope your knees heal fast :)

jessi said...

Everytime I see things you have bought, I think what fabulous taste you have. They are all so lovely!

And easy on those knees, OK?

Frany said...

I love you work !!!!!!! georgous !!!!! Excuse my bad english but I'm french)

Cynthia Thornton said...

What pretty pieces! The technique is so unusual! I think I'm going to try it even if it is nearly 2am! Hope you got some neosporen for your knees, you poor thing!