Saturday, September 1, 2007

Crystal Necklace.

Last summer Mark's grandparents moved into an active adult community. On the day we were moving them in, there was a craft show in the community center. When some of the grandkids needed a break, I took them over to the craft show.

In a corner tucked away from the rest of the group was a woman who had all sorts of antique jewelry. I bought the necklace below from her because I really loved the little spacer crystals between each cystal bead. The necklace was in sad shape and it had obviously been restrung at least once before with some sort of waxy twine. I took it apart, cleaned the crystals, and restrung it, while adding my own little touches: a heart clasp and a silver chain extender with a crystal dangle.

I absolutely love how it turned out.

I'm off to Home Depot to buy paint. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

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jessi said...

I love how it turned out too! I love finding little treasures like this and then making them your own.