Friday, February 1, 2008

Fern-inspired bracelet.

Last night I was looking at the photo of the Fern painting I purchased from The Black Apple and was inspired to make a bracelet using a similar color palette.

This is the result. The stones are citrine, smokey quartz, rhodolite, green garnet, and Swarovski crystal. Sorry the photos are a little dark; snow clouds are blocking the sunlight!

I could not find a clasp in my stash that seemed to go with the piece, so I made up my own. The flowery piece I used is a component I bought from Elemental Adornments at Bead & Button last year. You might remember that I made a necklace from other pieces I bought from Christi. I'm hoping she'll have a booth at the show again this year.

When I finished I realized it would match the earrings I recently made!

N. is enjoying a snow day here. I think we probably got around 8 inches of snow last night. We weren't supposed to have more than 4 inches. Surprisingly, N. was disappointed when he found out there was no school today because they were going to celebrate Groundhog Day by wearing pajamas to school and do fun activities. All is not lost; he's enjoying a pajama day at home right now.

I think we are going to make N.'s valentines for his classmates this year. We might go to my Mom's tomorrow to use some of her stash of supplies. One day I'll have to show you some of the cards she's made; they're really wonderful.

Have a fabulous weekend!


mdmB said...

wow... this bracelet is absolutely delicious!!! :P

Jonara Blu Maui said...

I love this! It's very vintage looking. And what a beautiful picture it was inspired from. Congrats to you for finally getting an original :)

I finally added your blog to my blog...I meant to do it eons ago. Now I will remember to check out your awesome taste on stuff more often and see what you've created :)

AJ said...

That bracelet is beautiful! You have a real knack for designing pieces that have a vintage look, and also a little bit of a fey feel to them.

Yazmin said...

That's such a lovely bracelet. The colors are rich!