Thursday, February 14, 2008

♥ Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

I hope your Valentine's Day is coming along nicely. My day started out by waking up, going downstairs, and finding that Mark had left me flowers and chocolates. How very sweet!

Today I'm wearing my favorite necklace to wear on Valentine's Day, made by Kristen of Mood Swing Studio. And N. is giving out these monkey valentines we made to his class. The sock monkey stamp is from Craft Pudding. She even made a custom name stamp for him, which he loves and wants to stamp on everything!

While I'm thinking of it, I thought I'd share another one of my Mood Swing Studio necklaces, from Kristen's Storybook Charm series. The pendant is two-sided.

Above photos courtesy of Mood Swing Studios.

Mark and I are going to officially celebrate Valentine's Day in a few weeks by going to dinner and a movie. Tonight N. and I are going to my mom's to bring her a sweet gift. She said she made chili we could have for dinner, but I have a feeling N. will be doing some fast talking to get us to go to Long John Silvers. He loves that place. How's that for a swanky Valentine's Day dinner?

What are your Valentine's Day plans?


Aaron said...

Nothing says romance like fried fish and hush puppies :) Love the storybook pendant, and the sock monkey stamp!

Christina said...

Ha! Very true. N. has a head start on how to woo the ladies. :)

Jenn Maruska said...

Haha - N sure knows what he likes!

That stamp is so cute.

Josh gave me roses today and we are going downtown to a really nice sushi restaurant Saturday night. Can't wait!

(Now that I type that - it seems we'll just be doing the same thing N wants to do, but on a grander scale - haha! Great minds...)

iSew said...

I've been coveting that monkey stamp myself. N's a lucky little one.

Happy Valentine's Day!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Lucky you, to get flowers and chocolate! :) The flowers are beautiful.

We didn't have any special plans for today. Just the usual, me cooking dinner for all of us. :)