Sunday, February 17, 2008

You know you watch too much Food Network when...

The Food Network Channel is one that is on quite often in our house. It's something I can watch while beading or doing things around the house without worrying about N. seeing inappropriate stuff (like the time Friends was on and wasn't paying any attention until he asked me what "slutty" means).

But now I fear he has been exposed to too much Food Network. I present to you these examples:
  • When I use vanilla extract in baking, N. will sometimes ask me if I'm using real or artificial because "there's never a good time to use artificial vanilla." (Thanks, Ina.) Luckily, I agree and my vanilla comes from The Spice House.
  • I recently heard N. playing at cooking. He was making dinner for "when Jeffrey gets home." (Again, thanks, Ina.)
  • Sometimes he makes paper versions of the cakes he sees on Ace of Cakes.
  • If I ask him what he wants to watch, he'll ask if Rachael's Vacation is on.
And this is my favorite:

  • Last night I served homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner. N. took a small sip of the soup and seemed to think about it, then took another bite. I asked him if he liked it and he said, "It has a good flavor, but there are too many textures for my liking." (Thanks, Iron Chef America.)
It's a good thing we're getting out of the house today.


Yazmin said...

Clearly! hehe

Must be hard to live with a food critic. ;)

Melissa said...

The Spice House is what heaven must be like, I think. MMmmm. I always get excited then Alton Brown visits it on Good Eats.

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jessi said...

too funny! you are so making me miss our days of cable! Ryan and I often talk about how much we miss FN!!