Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I've liked The Black Apple for some time and enjoy reading Emily's blog, Inside a Black Apple as well. Her shop was the second Etsy shop I discovered. (Jenn Maruska Design was the first.)

When Emily posted on her blog about this painting, entitled Fern, I immediately loved it. I have several of her prints, but no originals. I decided that if I was lucky enough to get it during her shop update, I would splurge. Sort of an I'm-[almost]-completely-healed-from-surgery-and-infection gift to myself.

I think everything in her originals update sold out in under five minutes! It was amazing to see. Every time I refreshed several items would be gone.

But I was lucky.

It took me a little while to recover from the shock of being fortunate enough to purchase this painting. Knowing how fast items in her updates sell is very stressful!

How sweet are those toadstools?

Thanks to Emily for letting me use her photos.


Jenn Maruska said...

I hope you'll show us your new painting when you've hung it up : )

You deserve this and more for your rough winter - I'm so happy that you're healing!

: )

Aaron said...

I'm so jealous! But very happy that you got this lovely painting - you deserve a prize for being such a good patient. Congrats on feeling better and your new piece of art.

Sarah and Jack said...

Tooo cool.

Pieces said...

Oh my goodness, she is beautiful. Mesmerizing, in fact.

jessi said...

Wow - you're a lucky gal!

iSew said...

Oh that's a good one. Congratulations on snatching it up, you definitely deserve it.

Ivy said...

Wow...nice! I am always looking at her work and thinking about buying something.

Amanda Conley said...

very cool!