Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Last night I sat down to watch a show I'd taped when I heard the newscaster say there was a tornado near an intersection in Wisconsin that I'm familiar with. It took me a second to place it, but then I realized it was close to my aunt's house! I ran to the phone to call her and luckily everyone was fine.

Unfortunately, my cousin's boyfriend knows a family who lost their home.

My aunt had a harrowing drive home from work in the tornado weather, but arrived safely. It's unusual for tornadoes to touch down in Northeastern Illinois/Southeastern Wisconsin at any time of the year, but particularly so in January!

A few years ago I saw a funnel cloud, but it did not touch down. That was scary enough. The crazy thing is that all of our neighbors at the time were out on their front lawn looking at the funnel cloud! Not me; I was indoors with Mark and N. poised to go to the basement if necessary.

When I picked N. up from school yesterday one of the boys in the classroom was crying because there was a tornado warning. The teacher asked me to talk to him and tell him that there weren't any tornadoes around when I was driving to the school. While there weren't any tornadoes right around here, I feel badly that he probably went home and heard about the tornadoes close by in Wisconsin.

I hope you are safe and enjoying good weather wherever you are.


AJ said...

Yikes! I am terrified of tornadoes. The first time I visited my bead pals in NC, there was a tornado warning on the very first day. My friends were all matter-of-fact about it and I was all "OMG! I'm going to die! Why did I come here?"

I'm glad that your aunt is safe!

jessi said...

I remember one night as a kid I was terrified that our house would burn down. These things can be so hard for kids.

Rebecca said...

The weather is certainly odd isn this day and age. Glad to hear your family is okay!

I wanted to say that I love all of the stockings your mother has made and am in awe at all the time these take! Amazing and such wonderful priceless heirlooms. :)