Sunday, January 20, 2008

What's old is new again.

Sometimes I like to browse through Etsy to see what's out there. Last week I was doing just that when I came across this beautiful necklace from Star Willow Studio. Laura makes her pieces with vintage beads and components. I was quick to snatch this one up; Laura said she had just found the aqua brooch that same day!

I love that she added the small rhinestone detail to the clasp of the necklace as well.

Ah, the sparkle factor. I love it.

I also purchased some very simple earrings to go with it. Laura is changing out the pearl for one that matches the necklace and is using leverbacks instead of ear wires.

Here are some other items from her shop I have my eye on.

Oh my gosh, it is still freezing here. Yesterday we braved the cold to go out to lunch and grocery shopping. While I was getting the mail, I took a deep breath and my teeth hurt from the cold!



LeeAnn said...

Sometimes you only read what you want to. I just read that you were browsing so I headed on over to see if I could buy that BEAUTIFUL necklace. HA! Now I feel silly.

mdmB said...

Great finds! Leverbacks are more comfortable to wear than hooks, I recently discovered that :)

Jonara Blu Maui said...

wow! I love that! I absolutely adore revamped vintage jewelry and have been collecting brooches since I was 18. I have a box of vintage parts that I've been collecting more recently so that I can have some fun with it. I need a break from the usual type of jewelry that I make and think this might be fun! But it's a little different then just going to the bead store and buying all you need in large quantities. Treasure hunting is half the fun in this type of jewelry making :)