Wednesday, April 18, 2007


One of the [many] joys of having a 6-year old is that I get to act like a kid again and do all sorts of fun childhood things. While our house was being built, we used to go to the construction site and find rocks. We found a few large ones that we have near our step now. At the time the house was being built we lived with my in-laws and, after finding our rocks, we'd put them in their landscaping areas. My mother-in-law liked how it looked and has requested that N. and I find some rocks for her. That's a nice idea, except that any rocks N. finds that he likes go right into our rock pile! It's growing larger by the day. Anyway, last night we walked in an area of the neighborhood that's still under construction and found some great rocks. (Sorry, Linda, these are going right into N.'s rock pile!) On our way home we decided to paint some of the rocks. N. painted a snail and "a round, brown and yellow colorful rock" and I painted a red bird for him.

We have all sorts of plans for things to paint on other rocks in our rock pile. But, I think N. is planning another rock hunting excursion for tonight.

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Jenn Maruska said...

Oh I love that you have a colorful rock pile : )

Thanks so much for mentioning my sewing book and pincushion. (I love that red and green color combo).

Those flowers that you made are so pretty - and I would love to see more of the earrings that you've beaded - give us a peek!