Thursday, April 26, 2007


Thanks, everyone, for the nice comments about the beaded piece I made for my mom. :)

One thing I like about having this blog is that it helps keep me motivated. After my last post I was focused on finishing the toggle bracelet. Now all of the components for the Lattice Weave Parure are complete and I can work on putting it all together.

You can see I've already started. This is the center of the bracelet. The bracelet starts from the center in order to ensure the flower is centered on the wrist. I have a lot of bead jump rings to make, but those are easy to do while watching television or chatting on the phone. I'm in the homestretch now. The bracelet actually wraps around the wrist more than once. It's quite pretty. Please excuse the slightly fuzzy picture. The lighting was terrible and my camera doesn't seem to like close-ups.

I ought to be able to make some jumprings tonight, as the weather here is quite dreary and we won't be playing outside or practicing riding a bike without training wheels (N. is doing quite well with that by the way!).

I wore my new sandals I posted about yesterday to make sure they were comfortable and my feet were freezing all day. Plus, I looked lovely wearing fancy sandals around the house with my sweats. Gorgeous. I've decided they're definitely worth keeping. I love Camper shoes. The sandals I bought are part of their Twins line. Twins are slightly different from another.
Thanks, Jenn, for the kind words. You were my main inspiration for starting my own blog! :)

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