Sunday, April 29, 2007

Kim Miles Beads

I've mentioned before that I am an ardent fan of beadist Kim Miles. Here is a recent purchase, a mosaic tile bead. I love this bead and I wear it all the time.

My mom gave me the pink flower Kim Miles bead in this bracelet I made. (Thanks, Mom!!) It's one of my favorite bracelets to wear in the summer. And check out the cute little silver dragonflies! It also has citrine, chalcedony, iolite, quartz, garnet, Swarovski Crystal, and one Czech glass bead. The silver is all sterling silver.

And this bracelet I made for my mom with her purple and orange flower Kim Miles bead. I love the colors in that bead.

The bracelets were a lot of fun to make. I'm very much a pattern person and these were a bit outside the box for me. I was striving to be random and that was really hard. Usually even when I try to be random I will see little patterns emerging!

And now, I'm off to play outside with N. It's a beautiful day here.

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LJ said...

These are lovely! And for someone who is pattern-addicted - you did beautifully with "random." They are charming bracelets.