Monday, April 16, 2007


I make a lot of earrings, especially when I need something to match an outfit or if I have a special event to attend. I like to make earrings between larger projects because they are quick and easy. Instant gratification. But, in a bit of departure, I made these earrings. Well, there's only one finished in the photo, but really they're both finished. They are from a Cynthia Rutledge class. They are about as close to instant gratification as a Cynthia project gets. These earrings have Indian Sapphires and some Swarovski crystals that are meant to look like semi-precious stones. The colors are very earthy. I thought they would be too large for me, but I find that I wear them a lot.

Also take notice of my favorite green sewing book (how did I ever live without it?!) and hedgehog pincushion. Both are products of Jenn Maruska Design.

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