Friday, December 4, 2009

Finally, some beadwork.

I bought this kit from Glass Garden Beads at the last Bead & Button Show. This is the Cape Cod Blooming Crystals kit.

Sometimes it's nice to have easy kits like this on hand for those days when you feel like making something, but don't want to tax yourself too much.

This weekend we are celebrating N.'s birthday with a sleepover party. Wish me luck!


mdmB said...

Wow, this is gorgeous!!! Color combination reminds me of calm morning in srping or summer. Very delicate!

Betty BeadBug said...

This is beautiful! I love it. Hope the sleepover went well...and everyone lived. :-)

Jenn Maruska said...

I can't believe this is "easy"! It's very pretty and looks complicated to me!
How did the sleepover go? Any more mystery photos on your camera??
; )

Christina J. said...

I have a post about the sleepover party in the works!

So far there have been no additional mystery photos!

Thanks for admiring my new bracelet, everyone. :D

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, very vintage looking.