Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Set aside some dreaming time.

Let's celebrate the middle of our week of unicorns with some crewel work. My mom stitched this for me and it was hung in my childhood bedroom for many years. It comes with good advice: set aside some dreaming time.

It was the first piece of crewel work that she did with embroidery floss. Usually crewel work is done with wool, I think. (Mom, correct me if I'm wrong!)

Her stitches are so fine. I think her crewel pieces are my favorites.

It's been wrapped up in a drawer in my guest room. I should hang it up in my studio.

On Friday I'll share with you the unicorn piece I found on Etsy. I hope you are having a magical week!


AJ said...

That's really sweet! Your Mom does such nice work.

I just realized that I have something that I think you would like. If you want, send me your snail mail addy to erthefae at aol dot com and I'll mail it out to you this week :)

Jonara Blu Maui said...

How sweet that you still have this! I have lost so many things over the years..we just moved so much as a family and often it was quick and my parents would sell everything as we would only have a tiny uhaul compartment attached to the top of our car. Not much room for sentimentals. I remember loving needle work though..I was probably very young. And I had a unicorn that I drew hung up in my room. I thought they were pretty cool too! You did an awesome job painting yours. And your moms Cruel (forget the spelling) work ..the real kind in the wool..that is so looks so soft.

I hope that you are feeling better's so hard to have family members going through illnesses. I hope that everyone is pulling through and doing better. Hang in there!

Jenn Maruska said...

Ditto what Jonara said - just hang in there, Christina. Things will get better.

Your mom does such beautiful work. To think that she made all of those stockings by hand.... amazing. And she has passed along her talent to you - in the form of beading. : )