Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pottery and Junie B.

N. has a lot of pottery waiting to be fired at the shop, but this one was finished and ready to take home.

It's a Jack-o-Lantern napkin holder!

He made it without any help and is so proud of it. When we got home he promptly removed our usual napkin holder and put his on the table.

While we're still on the topic of N.'s artwork, I thought I'd share his latest school project. Along with a book report, they had to make a character using a melon or pumpkin.

I would like to present Junie B. Jones!

She is saying the first line to each book: "My name is Junie B. Jones. The B. stands for Beatrice. I just like B. and that's all."


iSew said...

haha, great work Noah! That's a very cool napkin holder.

Sarah and Jack said...

That is one cool napkin holder for sure!