Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hello, October.

October is my favorite month of the year - and not just because it's my birthday month. I love all the pumpkins, changing colors of the leaves, and looking forward to the upcoming holidays.

I should have a photo of a pumpkin or something fall related to put in this post, but I don't. So, instead I'll introduce you to a friend that came to visit for a few days. Meet Tamiye the snapping turtle.

I didn't realize we had snapping turtles around here until last year, when we were driving on a road in our subdivision and saw one with a shell that was at least a foot in diameter.

Tamiye was found in a neighbor's strawberry patch. They noticed their strawberries were being eaten by something, looked around in the patch, and found 10 baby snapping turtles! N did a great job taking care of his friend for a few days.

My mom is on her way over for crafts and dinner. We're going to make bookmarks with N. For dinner, we'll have spaghetti. I made the sauce this morning and it's been simmering all day.

Nothing like some homemade comfort food to get October off to a great start.


LollyChops said...

I used to LOVE finding turtles and making little homes for them in a giant tub my grandparents had. I would set it up with rocks and leaves and such. Somehow they mysteriously vanished by the next morning. I found out later my grandpa would go out after I had gone to bed and let them free. :)

LeeAnn said...

I break for turtles! When I was little we noticed a sharp decline in fish in our small irrigation pond. Late one summer night my Dad came home in the dark with the tractor with the front loader and thought someone had dumped a large black trash bag in the middle of the road. Upon closer inspection he realized it was a snapper turtle that had crawled out of our pond! He used the front loader to pick it up and it was so large it wouldn't fit in an old porcelain bath tub! (We use the tubs as cheap water troughs for the cattle.) They are so prehistoric looking. They do look cuter when they are little though!

Jenn Maruska said...

That little guy looks feisty! : )

Jonara Blu Maui said...

you have wild turtles? Cool! somehow wild and turtles don't seem like words to use together lol! It looks like it has a long tail in the picture? Where do you guys live? I have no idea where turtle roam freely like that. We do have sea turtles here..but I only see them in the ocean.

about the apple bananas you commmented on... they do taste different..but still like a banana..just sweeter and tarter if that makes sense. They have more 'punch' to them.