Tuesday, July 17, 2007

For the birds.

So, after my last post about the bird teacup I gave my mom, I started noticing that I am accumulating a lot of bird things in my house. I would say this is the result of being influenced by both Etsy and reading others' blogs! It wasn't that I didn't like birds before, but really, I felt no need to have anything with a bird on it in my house.

Suddenly I seem to feel that need. My first bird is my most special; a clay turkey made by N. in kindergarten. Recently he wanted to look at it. He did what any 6-year old would do; he climbed up on the counter to have a peek. And probably any mother could tell you what happened next. He dropped it! I heard the crash and asked him what happened. "Nothing!!" Right. The beak was broken off with a clean break, so it was repairable. The other bird in the photo is from Sweetnellie's Etsy shop.

Next up we have Clive. He hails from Smith & Hawken. He never tires of hanging out with a Sid Dickens tile and lovely vase from Anthopologie.

Speaking of Sid, here's another tile that's on my bookshelf...

...along with a glass bird from Pottery Barn.

And finally we have Clover the Dove. She joined the roost this weekend. She is a vintage concrete reproduction. I love concrete things and like to keep them indoors. Right now Clover is on my kitchen counter. I have to buy some felt pads for the bottom so she doesn't scratch it. Right now she's sitting on a folded up paper towel.

I even have the bird Post-it Notes I sent to Jenn recetnly. I guess I should just embrace the current bird phase. So far I haven't made any jewelry with bird themes. I wonder if that will be next.


Jenn Maruska said...

I like your birdy collection!

It does seem like birds are very popular. They represent so many good things - spring time, grace, freedom, etc.

I've also noticed alot of tree themed items on Etsy, too...

Yazmin said...

You know, if you did start making bird jewelry, you'd definitely already have a built-in following in Etsy. Those guys buy up birds and owls like they're going to disappear! :)