Friday, June 22, 2007

The sparkly cube.

I learned how to make this cube in a Laura McCabe class. I don't often make things with green beads; I always seem to lean toward pinks and browns. Lately it's been sitting in my jewelry box and I look at it each time I open the drawer. I could have made it to be strung on a necklace, but it's not my kind of thing to wear. It has lots of shine and sparkle and is just a fun thing to hold.

Do you have any plans for the weekend? N. has swim lessons this morning, though it is looking rather dreary right now. I believe we have thunderstorms in our forecast. Our town is having its annual fest with rides, lots of food, and all the usual trimmings. We planned to check that out today, but if it's raining maybe we'll catch a movie. Tomorrow Mark and I have a date planned! But now, I'm off to make pancakes for breakfast.

Have a wonderful weekend.


AJ said...

Beautiful colors! While you rarely work in greens, I do olivine and bronze like that all the time :)

As a gaming nerd, I'm spending my Saturday at "Free RPG Day" at my local game store. Tomorrow evening my family is coming over for dessert. In between, I hope to bead!

jessi said...

It is a lovely little thing!

We just got back from the Greek Festival (mostly a big Greek Eating Fest) here in town - mmmm....yummy!

Jenn Maruska said...

I like those colors together : )

We went to a brunch at a friend's house this morning and then saw a play (the play was very long - 3 acts and 2 intermissions!)

Have a great weekend! Jenn : )

LJ said...

What a little treasure. "Just to look at" is a good reason to make a thing, I think!

Ivy said...

That's stunning! Nice job!