Sunday, June 17, 2007

The hutch.

When I showed you My Sweet Rose, I mentioned that I'd had it framed and it was in a hutch that Mark made for me. This hutch used to be by the front door of our old house and was made to fit snugly in that spot. I'm so happy we have a spot for it in this house. Just like the bookshelf, Mark did his woodworking magic and I took over with painting. The glass knobs are from Anthropologie.

A few close-ups. Here are My Sweet Rose and a bouquet of beaded lavendar.

Some teacups and saucers that belonged to Mark's grandma. She's tickled pink every time she is here and sees her favorite teacups on display. Also, some vintage french beaded flowers.

More pretty teacups. I love how pretty and feminine they are.

And in case you wondered about the cut-off picture in the hutch photo, here's a full shot. A friend at work cross-stitched this for me for a housewarming gift. She knows I like little fairies. She wasn't sure what I would do with it, so she gave me the piece unframed. I was so touched by the work she had done that I immediately set about getting it framed. It's quite large.

Hope you are all enjoying Father's Day. We've spent most of it at home, hanging out and cooking meals on the grill. Marvelous.


iSew said...

Oh, I love your hutch. Nick is hoping to start doing some woodworking. I hope he can make me something that nice for my house. Lovely.

kalurah said...

wow! that beaded lavender is irresistible!
where did you come up with that idea?
it's beautiful work!