Tuesday, June 5, 2007

PMC Pendants

These pendants were made from precious metal clay (PMC). PMC is made up of silver particles suspended in clay that can be molded or sculpted. When fired, the finished piece is 99% pure silver. It's some pretty cool stuff and lots of fun to play with. The pendants below were made by first creating a mold from antique buttons, then putting the PMC into the mold, carefully getting them out of the mold (the hardest part!) and then firing them. Some of the flowers and Swarovski crystals set in them. I also antiqued them in Liver of Sulfur solution. My favorite is the swirly one in the center. I recently sold it. I need to make another one for me.


LeeAnn said...

Thanks so much for your purchase! I am on my way to the post office now with it. I feel so honored that you dug into your bead money stash to make this purchase. Thanks again!

And the PMC stuff looks really good! Can you "fire it" in your oven or do you need an actual fire?

Christina said...

Most PMC requires a kiln of some sort. For these, I used a product called PMC3, that can be fired by using a butane torch and a firing brick. It's a nice product and is good for making things like charms.