Monday, July 26, 2010

Projects and paintings.

My living room was pretty monochromatic. The walls and furniture are taupe and on the wall behind the couch I had a mirror with black and white family photos. I'd like to buy new furniture, but challenged myself to make some more budget friendly changes instead. I decided to incorporate shades of red.

I found this watercolor at a local antique mall. The dealer said it had been painted in the 1800s, but I don't see a date on it anywhere.

When I stopped in at the mall another day I spied this as soon as I entered.

I painted the bookshelf Divine Wine by Behr, but something still wasn't right.

Ah, yes. Here's what was bothering me - the table.

It needed some dark red paint and new hardware. Now the lamp that belonged to Mark's grandma really stands out.

I added more pillows that I had stored away in the basement along with some seahorse pillows I found at Pottery Barn. I went back and forth over the seahorse pillows because the room isn't a beachy sort of room, but I like them. They add some brightness and whimsy.

At some point, I will change the rose pillows, but since I already had them, I thought I should use them for now. I am happy to have a little more color in this room. I don't have any plans to paint the chest, but am now considering it after looking at this photo. Hmm...


Yazmin @ A Pretty Rock said...

You've really been doing a lot of home decor lately... Not that I'm complaining 'cause you're making lovely choices, but what's going on?

mtnchild said...

Wish my living room was that neat!!! It's silly I know, but I'm still trying to fit a 4 bdr. house into a 2 bdr. one. My crafts are the problem, probably too much of each craft and too many different crafts. But, you know what - I really wouldn't change it. I love my crafts!

I like the changes you've made, they really do brighten up the room.

Many hugs,