Sunday, July 11, 2010

More painting.

I have been knocking out projects left and right over here. This week, I painted the master bedroom (with help from my father-in-law), master bath (with help from my mom), and the studio (also with help from my mom). I was lucky to have them help me!

This paint color is called Quiet Waterfall. It was from an old Glidden paint chip that I had color matched. Let me tell you, crawling around on that plant shelf to paint it was not easy--especially since I do not like heights! But, the result was worth it. I love the color and the room looks great.

The taupe color in the master bath is called Castle Path by Behr. It goes well with the color in the bedroom.

I went a little wild in the studio with Beet from Martha Stewart!

I love the color. It took two coats to cover, but was well worth the effort. Now I want to find some vintage amateur paintings to hang in this room.


Connie Eyberg Originals said...

That blue is beautiful! Nice job. Connie

Free2BeMe350z said...

I have the same cabinet that you have pictured in your blue room. I have it in my living room and use it as a tv cabinet.

Yazmin @ A Pretty Rock said...

Loving the beet color. Wanna come paint my rooms? ;)

iSew said...

Awesome!!! I love the bedroom color. Can you come over to my house now? I've still got a hallway downstairs and a master bedroom and bathroom to paint. No heights!