Friday, March 20, 2009

Beaded flower.

This was a fun project, in part because I'll always have the memory of N and I doodling our designs together one lazy afternoon.

I used 28 ct. linen and found that size 11 seed beads worked pretty well. I could have spaced them out more, but I liked the tight, compact look I had going. I'm in the mood for sunny, breezy days, so yellow seemed like a fitting color. The thread was a variegated hand-dyed thread that I had left over from a cross stitch project. All of the supplies were things I had on hand.

Now I need to decide how to frame it. I'm thinking about staining an embroidery hoop a dark brown and using that. My mom had used an embroidery hoop to frame the unicorn stitching long ago and I like the look of a hoop for a frame. Or I could look for a vintage hoop to use; an oval one would be nice.

N is pushing me to design a final version of the N and a border around it to stitch. Maybe I can incorporate beads into the border. Something to think about...

Have a nice weekend.


Amber Leilani said...

christina, it's lovely!
i just started re-learning embroidery and learning bead embroidery, so i am really loving this piece.
my plans are to make wall hangings using the actual embroidery hoop. i really like that look and i think a vintage hoop or frame of some sort would be lovely too.

Jonara Blu Maui said...

I like the idea of staining it dark..I think it will bring out that yellow. This is so cute and so cheery. I remember stitching when I was probably N's's been a looong time! lol!

mdmB said...

This is really cute! :)