Monday, March 16, 2009

Nice weekend.

We stayed close to home this weekend. I did a lot in the kitchen, including making two loaves of Italian bread and butter. N made butter in school in a Mason jar and was keen on making it at home. I didn't having Mason jars, so I made it with the mixer. After having the great idea, N was nowhere to be found... until it was time to eat the bread and butter!

I started stitching the flower I doodled last weekend. The best part was starting with the beads in the design. I decided on a yellow flower.

I almost forgot... we went to JoAnn's on Saturday to make a big purchase with my coupon - an Ott Lite. I've been wanting one since we moved into this house because the lighting where I sit in the evenings is too dark. I had buyer's remorse walking out of JoAnn's, but once it was set up and I started working on my stitching, it quickly went away!

While we were there, N talked us into buying him a Build-A-Bear kit. He did some sewing on it, but got frustrated. It sounded easier than it actually was. I finished it for him, but I'm worried it's going to come apart because the holes were so large that the knots they tell you to tie pull through the holes!

And Season got in a lot of naps.

And now it's back to the weekly routine. I'm hoping to have time to finish my flower this week.

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iSew said...

Tell me more about that Ott Light, I've always wanted one too. I think I deserve it for my new house! ha

That flower is looking good, can't wait to see more.